Tis the season of shopping and gift giving! The uptick of so many more people shopping online means there are so many more boxes arriving daily on doorsteps. While it’s a nice luxury to be able to order presents from the comfort of your couch, more deliveries lead to more chances for a package to be delivered to the wrong house or even taken from your property.

Linked Alarm recommends cameras for security reasons, but it can also be a help around the holidays to ensure your packages are delivered and safely make it into your home.

The first step in selecting a doorbell camera is to ensure it matches with your other smart home security products. If you have all Google products, we recommend you choose a Nest camera because it integrates perfectly. If you have an Alexa, a Ring camera makes the most sense since they are compatible with one another.

Two other security cameras we highly recommend are the SkyBell or the Hikvision. Below is a rundown of their features.

SkyBell HD Wi-Fi Video Doorbell –

  • Answer the door from your smartphone, whether you’re home or not
  • Weather-proof and tamper-resistant
  • Live Monitoring and Free video recording
  • Motion Sensor
  • Multiples Users
  • Snap Photos
  • Activity History

HikVision’s DS-HD1 Smart Doorbell Camera-

  • Motion Detection
  • Infrared night Vision
  • Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Access OnDemand streaming video
  • Access Control features
  • Mobile app connectivity

Protect your home from package thieves and burglars by installing smart home security systems today. Call Linked Alarm to integrate all of your systems to work together as one unit!