Even this year, snowbirds are leaving the frigid temps and headed for warmth in southern states. The serenity of heading to paradise doesn’t assuage the worry for the safety of the home you’ve created or the belongings you’ve left behind. At Linked Alarm, we specialize in outfitting your home with the proper surveillance tools and alarms that will allow you to have peace-of-mind that your home is safe and secured while you are away. Here are some common thoughts that may run through your head as you head south and how our security systems will ensure your home is protected at all times. 

Is my home safe?

            We know that there are over 2.5 million home break-ins a year. At Linked Alarm, we refuse for your home to become just another statistic. We have integrated home security systems that allow your systems to work together to create a fortress for your home. Our systems also allow for remote access, meaning that you can receive your security notifications from wherever you are. So yes, you can rest assured your home is safe.

What if there’s a fire? 

            A fire alarm system’s main job is to alert the house at the first detection of a fire but if no one is in the house, the fire department will still be notified. Every single one of our smoke detectors not only notifies the household of an emergency, but immediately notifies your local fire department, so they will be able to take action without anyone being home.

How will I know if there’s a carbon monoxide leak?

            Similarly, to our fire alarm systems, our carbon monoxide detectors will alert first responders to a leak in your home. They will be notified and so will you through your portal! 

What if someone drops off a package? 

            Friends and family members may not be aware of the exact dates you’ll be away, and we’re all guilty of forgetting about that autoship that comes in the mail once a month. Are you worried about that package mysteriously disappearing or even simply not knowing it’s there? Never fear, our camera systems allow monitoring from wherever you are! Once you receive a notification that there is a package at your door, you can contact your family or neighbors to pick up that package and keep it safe until your return home!

What happens if my property is vandalized? 

            If there is any vandalism of any kind on your property while you’re away, you’ll have the ability to find the culprit through Linked Alarm’s camera systems. Our systems provide remote monitoring from anywhere you have internet while also allowing you to search through any and all recorded footage. This way, even if you are not immediately alerted to the vandalism and damage, you will be able to go back through your security footage to find the exact moment it occurred and be able to act accordingly. 

Are you preparing to travel south for the winter or even take a trip around the upcoming holidays? Contact Linked Alarm today to protect your home!