Q. What does putting a system on “No Action” mean?

A. Putting your alarm on “No Action” means that the monitoring company will not dispatch the police or fire department in the event of an alarm. To do this, you may use the mysecurityaccount.com website or app, or you may call our central station at 1-800-932-3822 and give them your account number and passcode and advise them that you would like to put your system in “No Action”.

Q. What happens in a event of a Power Outages?

A. In the event of a power outage, your system is equipped with a back-up battery that should last anywhere from 6 – 24 hours depending on your system.

Q. FC or BF Is showing on my keypad. What does it mean?

A. This indicates a communications failure. If you have a phone connected to your alarm system and FC appears on your keypad, verify that the line is in service and operating properly. If the phone line is ok, or you have bf on your keypad please contact us.

Q. When does the Police or Fire Department dispatch?

A. Fire alarm devices: The fire department will be dispatched whenever there is a fire alarm. You will then be notified. Security alarms: The monitoring company (rapid response) will call you first to verify if a true alarm is in progress before dispatching police.

Q. What do i do when I’m notified of a low battery?

A. If your system battery is low it could be caused by a few things. If your power went out, this message may appear. Once your power is restored, the alarm system will charge the battery within 12 hours. If you receive this message and you have not had a power outage, or your power was restored for more than 24 hours, your battery may need to be replaced. Batteries typically last around 3-5 years under regular conditions. Please contact us for help with battery replacement.

Q. My keypad is beeping. What do I do?

A. For Honeywell Alarms: Check the keypad for the trouble message. If you do not understand the message please call (267) 783-1290.

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