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Fire Alarm Certification in the City of Philadelphia

Linked Alarm is a nationally certified fire alarm inspector for businesses located in Philadelphia, PA. Our multi-point and thorough fire alarm inspection process not only meets Philadelphia Fire Code requirements but also provides numerous additional benefits.

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Properly functioning and certified alarms:

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SAVE LIVES by alerting of active fires, allowing for the safe evacuation of all people from buildings

Notify firefighters of fires

NOTIFY FIRST RESPONDERS immediately, helping to PROTECT PROPERTY and limit damage

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MEET INSURANCE OBLIGATIONS to ensure your policy covers any fire-related damage

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ARE REQUIRED BY LAW for the City of Philadelphia for compliance and avoiding fines or shutdowns

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It is essential that fire alarms undergo routine testing, maintenance, and inspection to ensure compliance with the Philadelphia and National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) standards and codes.

Linked alarm provides licensed inspectors who will conduct thorough evaluations and tests of your system, ensuring every component functions as intended, in line with these established codes and standards.

Fire systems tested, inspected and certified by Linked Alarm

As required by the Philadelphia Fire Code, Linked Alarm provides complete inspection for your fire alarm system.

Filing date requirements for Philadelphia Fire Alarm inspections

All certifications must be submitted to the City of Philadelphia directly or through a licensed inspector, such as Linked Alarm, no later than one year from the last inspection.

Inspecting a Fire Alarm in Philadelphia for Alarm Certification

Annual Inspection Requirements

  • Fire alarm systems
  • Emergency and standby power systems
  • Smoke control systems
  • Sprinkler and standpipe systems
  • Special hazard suppression systems

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Smoke Detector Sensitivity

The city of Philadelphia mandates that smoke detectors comply with the National Fire Protection Association’s (NFPA) standards, requiring sensitivity testing within one year of installation and every odd year thereafter.

  • Sensitivity Range: Detectors must operate within a 0.9% to 3.0% obs/m sensitivity range.
  • Testing Schedule: Post-installation, test detectors initially and then biennially in odd-numbered years to ensure optimal functionality.
  • Compliance: Non-compliance can lead to penalties, including fines. Regular maintenance checks by certified professionals are recommended.

The Linked Alarm inspection process

Our services are specifically tailored to meet Philadelphia’s rigorous standards, ensuring your building’s fire alarm system operates flawlessly and complies with local regulations. The Linked Alarm team will guide you through every step of the inspection and certification process.

Step 1: Schedule and prepare for your appointment

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For residential apartment buildings, our inspectors will need full access to each apartment. Philadelphia fire code requires us to collect sound levels in the sleeping areas. Our process is designed to be as least disruptive as possible while ensuring thorough coverage of your fire alarm system. We suggest that you provide all occupants a minimum of 24 hours in advance of inspection.

After your appointment is scheduled, our team will send additional preparation information via email. You can also download the Philadelphia Inspection Preparation Document here.

Step 2: During the Fire Alarm inspection

Our licensed and highly trained inspectors will conduct a detailed examination of your fire alarm system. This includes testing control panels, initiating devices, audible and visible notification devices, and ensuring all aspects of the system are functioning as expected.

We utilize the latest guidelines from NFPA 72 and the Philadelphia Fire Code to guide our inspection.

Step 3: Post-inspection process

After the inspection, you will receive a comprehensive report detailing our findings.
Should there be any deficiencies, we provide a clear and actionable deficiency notice, outlining major and minor issues that need attention.

Philadelphia allows a 45 day grace period for repairs, after which we are required to notify the Authority Having Jurisdiction if the deficiencies remain unaddressed.

Step 4: Certification

Upon completion of the inspection and any necessary corrections, we will issue a fire alarm system certification.

This certification process is crucial for Philadelphia properties, affirming that your system meets all required standards and regulations.

Our certification form includes detailed sections on control equipment, initiating devices, audible/visible devices, and more, ensuring that every component of your system is accounted for and functioning correctly.

Step 5: We make filing easy through eCLIPSE

We’ll manage all the paperwork for you. All you’ll need to do is fill out your portion of our paperwork. Linked Alarm will work with the city to upload the inspection to the eCLIPSE portal.

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Why choose Linked Alarm for your Fire Alarm Inspection?

Linked Alarm is a locally owned and operated business, serving the Philadelphia area since 2016. Additionally, Linked Alarm offers:

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Expertise: Our team, including licensed inspectors, brings unmatched expertise and attention to detail to every inspection.

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Compliance: We ensure your fire alarm system complies with NFPA 72, the Philadelphia Fire Code, and other relevant standards.

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Efficiency: Our inspection process is designed to minimize disruption while providing a comprehensive evaluation of your fire alarm system.

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Support: From pre-inspection preparation to post-inspection follow-ups, we provide support every step of the way.

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